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From Games to Frames

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Legendary Fire didn't start out as a virtual tour and drone company. Originally I thought I would have a table tab game company believe it or not. I created a game called Lotus Falls and I knew from there that game design was my thing! I love designing games more than playing them so I felt there was a career there, even better a company.

Having no experience in business at all, a big vision and a half-assed plan I started looking for funding. Lucky for me it didn't come right away. It would have been gone as soon as it came. Without having the money to make a series of foolish decisions, I took the time to research the tabletop games industry. It wasn't a surprise that it was way over my head as far as production, marketing, sales and fulfillment. That also gave me some insight on where I fit. I'm a designer and all those other hats were incredibly heavy for my head.

I put that idea on the back burner and pivoted. I had an idea to Open a private game room as lounge which companies could rent out for their employees and play games together, chat and lounge together to enrich the company's culture and communication and boom, COVID!!

I say that like that was the only factor. I was still broke with a big dream and no business experience. I spent many hours on Youtube for business classes, strategies and learning the numbers. It still didn't fit me however I had a fire to move forward.

Soon after that excitement the next two years would be interesting to say the least. I had a spine injury at a new job I took. A herniated disc. I immediately gained 35 lb, Lost my mobility at which I could still actively do gymnastics at the time and now I could barely tie my shoes without extraordinary pain, lost the job, harassed by the downstairs neighbor, evicted from my apartment, moved in with a friend and rented a room and had to sell my car because it was pretty much belly up. I'm sure I'll speak in detail of that 2-year journey in another blog.

My brother introduced me to the idea of doing 360 virtual tours for Airbnb's. Although Airbnb didn't allow for virtual tours I could see the potential. I got myself for 360 camera and begin the lessons. I realized there was a possibility for a business for stores, real estate, events and more.

Later I picked up a drone and soon realized there are a lot of rules for unmanned aviation. More life lessons. I had to take classes for my part 107 which allows you to fly commercially. All of that was quite costly but I was determined. I still am quite passionate about it and I know that I will be able to bring tons of value to companies and individuals with the 360 technology and drones. Therefore I continue to learn and educate myself on the industry and tools. Thank you for sticking all the way through. I'll see you in the next.

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